the rules

I had this URL open for bids but since I had no serious takers, it is now available at a fixed price.

1. If you would like to bid, first you must register. If you win, you will not be legally bound to make the purchase unless I can find a lawyer that can force you, but I am just a working guy, so please don’t bid unless you intent to buy.

2. To prevent last minute bids, I reserve the right to end this auction at any time (either sooner or later).

3. If you make me an offer I can’t refuse, I could end the auction early as well, but all other bidders will be given 24 hours notice (you would not like it either if you were the other guy).

4. I also reserve the right to not sell the domain name if the offers do not exceed a given threshold (reserve). The current reserve price is $10,000 USD.

5. I reserve the right to change the reserve price based on fluctuations in the market*

6. If I get more than $10,000 USD for the URL, a portion of the earnings will be donated to charity.

7. Finally, payment is to be made in full within 10 days after the auction ends.

* You know… I find myself super poor, weak and/or feeble; War World III; Artificial intelligence takes over; Earthlings becoming conquered by an alien civilization; Etc.

Register and bid Now! ☚ url domain name for sale auction logo

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