Hello Gabriel,

Thank you for advising me of your updated site. I did look at your photos, and again I enjoyed them very much. Apart from being good pictures, I like them for the memories they bring to me of the city I loved and the people I loved too.

Jacques Lee

Dear Gabriel,

I like your unusual site and very nice photographs. It is refreshing to see black/white pictures for a change! I know the Buenos Aires subte, have visited Argentina many times. I have a website about transport in Latin America at http://members.aol.com/almo1435/etla.html

Allen Morrison

Linea A Photos

I loved your exquisite Buenos Aires Linea A "subte" photos. They seem to have been taken before Metrovias inherited the system, is that correct? Those old Belgium cars, which I understand are the only wooden subway cars in regular service anywhere in the world, are still faithfulling serving the city. At 80-plus years old they must have paid for themselves several times over.

Tito Davila

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