who should bid on this url 

Just as important as who wants mediabox.com, is who does not want other companies to have it. I will not be surprised if this domain name is bought and shelved. It may also be bought as an investment.

A quick Google search of mediabox will show you how popular the brand is. The following is an extremely partial list of industries and companies that should consider bidding on the mediabox.com URL.


All media companies such as Social media networks, outlets, conglomerates and services; as well as Radio, Satellite, Television, News media, Etc.

Hardware manufacturers such as top-set-boxes (e.g. MBX4K ‘Ranger’, maxTV Stream Media Box, VBox | TV, Pik TV Media Box, Apple TV, and so many others!)

Not to mention phone, tablet and wearable creators and manufacturers.

Media related app developers (e.g. MediaBox HD APK, Sony Crackle, MovieBox, Tubi TV, CotoMovies, Etc. In fact, now that Google offers so many services via YouTube, they might want is too.


This would make, for starters, a long and boring list of the top 100 high-tech companies, so I will just list a few: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet, AT&T, Amazon, Verizon, China Mobile, Walt Disney, Facebook, Alibaba, Intel, Softbank, IBM, Tencent, Nippon Telegraph & Tel Telecommunications services, Cisco Systems, Deutsche Telekom… Ypu get the idea.

And, and..

And I haven’t even mentioned Roku or LG, or Amazon… I really do wonder who will buy it in the end.

Would you like to bid?
Here’s how to bid

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